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My First Mods: Adding a fuel controller, changing my seat, and adding a luggage rack

This pic is from the day I brought home this beautiful utilitarian badass bike.

When I picked up my Ural from the previous owner, it had not been serviced or taken care. The new map was not downloaded for the EFI. The dealership is about 3 hours from me so, instead of taking it in for remapping, I added a fuel controller from Dobeck.

The Ural I sat on at the dealership had an enduro seat and I liked the ability to vary my riding position on the seat. The bike I bought, though, had the traditional tractor seat. I saw someone was selling one on the Soviet Steeds forum, so I bought it. Taking the tractor seat off was easy, but putting the new seat on was a PITA. If I ever have to take it off again, I'm going to take off the rear wheel so I can better reach the underside of the fender.

Since I replaced my tractor seat with an enduro seat, I had an unused luggage rack that used to be behind the seat. I decided to attach it to the sidecar fender. The first thing I had to do was get some drill bits for metal. I have to admit I was hesitant to drill holes into my "new to me" bike, but once the first hole was done, I had to commit.

These mods were relatively easy, but they are what started that addiction that most bikers understand and what has made me comfortable to get my hands dirty in very unfamiliar territory.

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