Track Day Bro! - June 2019

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I got my 1st track day under my belt! I attended a RideSmart track day at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. Luckily, my husband had attended a few prior and could show me the ropes. Being very short and, um, curvy, I had no idea what I was going to wear. There are no off-the-rack suits made to fit me and I knew they wouldn’t have any rentals that would work.

We went to Moto Liberty in Dallas to try some stuff on. Audrey, the owner, was personally (and desperately) helping me find something. When nothing worked out, I decided to check out the clearance rack, so maybe I could walk out with something else to make me happy. I was drawn to a retro Fieldsheer 2-piece leather suit. This thing must have been made in the 80’s and I loved it. Audrey said try it on, so I did. The pants fit like a glove! The jacket went on and zipped up, but was a little long in the torso and a lot long in the arms. The chest and shoulders were big as well, but workable. I decided to get it. I got a great deal on Sidi boots from Revzilla earlier and now I was track day ready!

To prep my bike, a 2015 Yamaha R3, I had to remove light fuses, tape all the lights, remove the mirrors and the passenger pegs. I also checked fluids, of course, and chain tension. We loaded our bike son the trailer and headed for Cresson, TX. We stayed at a b&b nearby, so we were able to get to the track early.

Track Day – Bike and gear inspection preceded our first instruction session, then it was time to gear up and hit the track. I have to admit I didn’t have the best time the first couple rounds. I didn’t get with a group early on to learn where the apexes were. I was slow and being passed while you’re trying to learn the track SUCKS! To add to the first-timer aspect, my gloves didn’t work with the elongated sleeves of my suit. The gloves wouldn’t stay put on my hands and I had a difficult time on the grips due to it. I had a bit of a sad moment when I was about to quit - all recorded for your entertainment. The meltdown was at about 10:30 in the video below.

I can laugh about it now because I soon got with an instructor and we had a good few laps, and he gave me some excellent feedback and encouragement. All it takes is some one-on-one with the instructor to realize you aren’t a track day loser.

Before my next track day, I will get my suit to a leather doctor for some alterations and appropriately sized armor added. I think I’ll be more able to focus on riding without the distraction of ill-fitted gear.

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