Can't Catch a Break - Even on Spring Break - Ural Gear Up - March 2018

Spring Break 2018 and I loaded the Ural to have some offroad fun with the family. Got to Tulsa, unloaded the bike, rode to the RV spot, and parked. The next day, we went to go have fun on bikes, but mine wouldn’t stay running. I changed the compliance fittings since I had new ones with me and one of mine had a visible tear in it. It didn’t help. I felt I was chasing a fuel delivery problem. It seamed to try to start when the fuel lines were jostled. I thought since I had the tank off for the clutch job, maybe there was air in the line or the pump. Sometime in the process, the pump was intermittent. In trying to deduce the problem, I ended up replacing and rerouting fuel lines, replacing the fuel pump and filter, and replacing the left injector. The SS members were very helpful giving me test after test to run. I was at my wits end and scheduled to take it to the dealer to let them figure it out. With my appointment the next day, I went once more to the garage to give it the ol’ college try. I noticed that when I turned the handlebar to the left as I was attempting to start it, it would try to start. I investigated the bar to see what was happening when it was turned and found the speedo cable was taught when the bar was left, but loose when the bar was right. I followed the cable down under the tank and discovered a loose ground on the crankcase. I tightened the nut and the bike started right up. I’ll be damned. I replaced all those parts and spent all that time not riding when it was just a loose ground. The next day I canceled that dealer appointment. 

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