Riding the Canyons

I returned home from New Mexico just in time to meet up with more friends for a weekend of riding in the Texas Panhandle.

The players: My friend, Kent, rode his BMW K1200lt with sidecar and my friend, Sam, was on his 2019 Ural Gear Up. My husband, Jym, and my son, Jake, were riding a 2019 Yamaha XSR900 and 2015 Yamaha R3. I had the monkey with me in my 2014 Ural Gear Up.

The plan: Have supper and a good sleep, Head out on a Thursday, camp and ride for 3 days, return home Sunday.

We grilled rib-eyes for supper. This was the first time I’ve been responsible for a gluten free meal and it was much easier than I anticipated. Fun fact: Heinz Worcestershire is NOT gluten free, but Lea & Perrins is - why would you use anything but Lea & Perrins anyway? While the coals were being prepped, I ran Kent to Tractor Supply to get a replacement sidecar wheel. It was a quick fix, then we dined like kings.

Thursday morning Sam came to the house to do a quick oil change on his Ural. Kent met us there, we packed my Ural like the Beverly Hillbillies and headed off to Canyon, TX

We made camp at a well-equipped RV park, ate supper at a great Mexican restaurant, and talked about the plans for the next day.

Due to COVID-19, Palo Duro State Park required reservations to enter. We decided to chance it and showed up there the Friday morning. We were able to get in and saw some of the best views, did a small bit of hiking, and took a lot of pictures. We met up with another Ural rider that evening that lived nearby for supper.

Saturday we had some routes planned to ride and they paid off big-time. Palo Duro Canyon, Caprock Canyon, and all around the area. At a lookout there was a group of Patriot Guard riders we watched roll in. Another great Mexican supper ended the day where my bike got some attention in the parking lot. Great day of riding, company, and food.

Back at camp, we noticed an oil leak on my Ural – no surprise there, but the location of the leak pointed to a rear seal compromise. It would make it home, but I had to get some oil and keep an eye on it.

Sunday was pack up and go home day. Kent and Sam got an early start since they had further to travel. We took our time leaving. About 2 hours into our ride, my bike was feeling off and I pulled into the gas station. It turned out my rotor bolts had backed out of the hub on my rear wheel. Luckily there was a Tractor Supply on one side of the gas station to source some new bolts, and a Wal-Mart on the other side to get a scissor jack and some zip ties to pack the jack on the bike. At least I had my crew to help and didn't have to do all the work by myself. For about an hour, pump 7 at the Pilot station made no money. Thanks for the shade, Pilot! We were then back on the road and another hour later HOME!

Now to take apart my Ural and fix it again. A wrenching blog is next. #ridewrenchrepeat

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