Can't Start with a Dirty Starter - Ural Gear Up - April 2018

Thinking that I had this bike going, I rode to work again. Quitting time came and it wouldn’t start. I got nothing when I hit the ignition. It would not take a jump, but I could push it and pop the clutch. I got it home, placed it on the battery tender and let it cool off. I thought it was the starter due to the symptoms and my fellow Uralistas were there again with tests to run to zero in on the problem. Deciding it was the starter and learning I could take it apart and clean it, I got to work.

There was so much dirt in the starter that it poured out onto the table. I took some steel wool to it and some other brushes also. I got it all back together, back on the bike, and it started! Another success and I didn’t have to pay for a new starter. �`

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